TA Instruments, a Division of Waters nv

Brusselsesteenweg 500
1731 Zellik
Phone: +32-2-706 00 80
Fax: +32-2-706 00 81


TA Instruments is a recognized world leader in the development and after-sales support of high technology equipment for materials characterization. Thermal analysis equipment: DSC, TGA, DMA, TMA, SDT, DVS. Rheology equipment: DHr Single and Ares dual head rotational rheometers and a full range of rubber characterisation equipment RPA, MDR, Mooney Viscometers, Hardness and Density testing. Microcalorimetry equipment: ITC, DSC MCDSC and TAM microcalorimeters. Thermophysical properties equipment: Laserflash thermal diffusivity, thermal conductivity heat flow meters,Lasercomp lambda meters,dilatometers (horizontal, vertical, optical, quenching, deformation, heating microscope).

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