Demonstration Youth For Climate during Laborama 2019

The exhibition hall can be attained on both days, March 15th included, when Youth for Climate demonstrates, once again, to act against climate change.

The planned Youth for Climate demonstration will take place in the center of Brussels, where they will gather in the afternoon at the Brussels North Station and walk to the South Station.

Protesters will mainly travel to the capital by train.

This means that they will not be anywhere near Brussels Expo, hence the venue where Laborama takes place remains easily accessible for both visitors and exhibitors.

Youth for Climate! We applaud the initiative of this organization of young, dynamic people who, from a genuine concern about the climate, have managed to place the topic climate change on the agenda in such a short time.  As federation for laboratory professionals, we can only be appreciative for the growing awareness for our climate, the attention for climate studies and the scientific research on various climate-favorable alternatives.

As a sector of producers and suppliers of laboratory equipment, our part may be less visible to the general public, but is important for science. Our sector contributes to enabling more and more precise scientific research being done on climate change and by extension our environment.

In the future, the importance of precision equipment for measurements and scientific research will continue to increase.

With its concept of maximizing the use of renewable materials (stands, carpet), reducing production of waste and energy-saving measures, we also try to make a modest contribution.



Laborama will take place on 14 and 15 March 2019
Location: Hall 3 - Brussels Expo (New location!)
By car: use exit 7a on the Ring way around Brussels – visitors can park on Parking C and take the shuttle bus to hall 3

The trade fair is easily accessible both days.


Are you visiting us by using public transport?  Present yourself at booth N2 (secretariat) and receive a voucher for a free coffee on presentation of your transport ticket.