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About us Since 1974, Suurmond has designed, manufactured and delivered sustainable and custom made solutions for the processing industry. With a portfolio of high quality and sustainable products, years of experience and know-how Suurmond is capable to help you improve your production efficiency. Products such as gear pumps, dosing systems and screen changers being the leading components here. Since 2000, Autoclave has been part of Suurmond. Suurmond is herewith capable to supply products for R&D up to production facilities. The product range Autoclave offers, varies from (pressure) reactors to lab automation, thermal safety and pilot plants. Our vision In a world where sustainability is a constant and important issue, Suurmond has, with its’ products and competencies, an ideal position to help customers to improve their production efficiencies. Sustainability is not only shown in the physical products Suurmond supplies, but also in the cooperation and relationship with customers and suppliers. Our mission Autoclave designs, manufactures and delivers, with a dedicated team, sustainable solutions for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, polymer production and polymer processing industries, by an interactive approach with our customers. Autoclave wants to have long term relationships with its’ customers and supported by a network of highly qualified suppliers, Autoclave is in the position to serve customers at a continuous high level. Our strategy Autoclave delivers solutions for sustainable added value with a well trained and equipped team and a portfolio of high quality products.