A new era of lab automation

A close collaboration, Axel Semrau®, METTLER TOLEDO, Jüke Systemtechnik GmbH and Trajan Scientific and Medical have created a unique innovation for automation in laboratories: The fully automated powder dosing – CHRONECT® Quantos – complements automated sample preparation by additional steps which so far had to be performed manually.

The accurate dosing and weighing technology Quantos by METTLER TOLEDO is incorporated in automated sample preparation by CHRONECT® Bionic – a multi-dimensionally working robot. As a result, a defined amount of powder, ranging from 1 mg to several grams, is dosed accurately and automatically. CHRONECT Bionic positions one of up to 32 powder dosing heads into the Quantos powder dosing system. The system consists of the Quantos dosing module and a scale by METTLER TOLEDO. CHRONECT Bionic takes the target vial from the XYZ robotic system and places it below the Quantos dosing head. The desired amount of powder is then weighed in precisely and reliably. Subsequently, the vial is placed back into the XYZ robotic system for further processing. Here, a safe and efficient liquid handling may be performed. The system is controlled by our reliable software CHRONOS.

This new solution is the perfect add-on for XYZ robot systems and expands the limited working space. CHRONECT Bionic accepts time-consuming working steps as well as unpleasant steps. The execution of all steps is accurate at all times and reduces sources of error during sample preparation.

Not only large variety and time saving are outstanding features of this application, but also its safety. All required substances are stored in safely closable dosing heads minimizing contacts time by the user especially when handling toxic substances. Due to innovative weighing and dosing technology by METTLER TOLEDO very expensive and/or toxic substances are dosed with highest accuracy and a repetition of 1 mg. This solution is perfectly suitable for weighing in fine, delicate, flaked, statically charged, dense, granular and heterogeneous substances. The dosing technology features a unique precision and allows for a fast and automatic filling of various containers of all kind.