KRSS Europe B.V.

Bobinestraat 7-33
3903 KE Veenendaal
Phone: +31-85-048 20 07


KRSS Europe B.V. is part of the KRSS Group - The largest independent mass spec and chromatography sales & service company in the UK/Europe and Asia. The Group was formed in 2007 by industry experts in the mass spec and chromatography field with over 60 years of experience collectively. The core activities of KRSS Europe B.V. are: - Sales & Service of refurbished chromatography-, mass spec (incl. gas generators) instrumentation and spare parts of all major manufacturers, such as Agilent, AB Sciex, Waters, Thermo, Varian. - Maintenance and repairs on chromatography-, mass spec instruments and gas generators by manufacturer trained service engineers. - Sales of Chromatography Consumables e.g. vials, caps, syringe filters, (U)HPLC columns, SPE columns, Quechers kits. - Sales of Laboratory Noise reduction systems for vacuumpumps, chillers and N2/Air Generators - Sales of MS-Workstations for GCMS, LCMS and ICPMS - Trade-in of second hand chromatography-, mass spec instruments and gas generators