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Do you measure the quality of the compressed air in your laboratory, hospital or research center? How do you know if your research results are accurate if you don't know what the quality of your compressed air is? If quality is important to you, choose 24/7 monitoring by BEKO TECHNOLOGIES measurement technology. METPOINT® can measure the following parameters: Dewpoint (for a stable pressure dewpoint) Leak detection (save costs caused by leaking pipework) Flow measurement (record the actual flow used) Pressure measurement (shows the exact pressure in a specific part of the system) Residual oil content (guards and protects the system against oil breakthrough) Bacteria measurement (together with our partner KBBL the presence of bacteria, moulds and fungus is measured and recorded) Alternatively, our Service Technician can carry out on-site quality measurements. You receive a certificate with the results and advice on quality improvement. Prevent unnecessary costs and protect your processes. Contact us for more information.