Food Route

The focus on quality and composition of food is stronger now than ever before. The attention for healthy foods has also increased rapidly in the past few years. Controlling the quality and composition within food production process plays a major role in the production of healthy food. In order to find out the composition and guard the quality, a correct and precise analyses is of crucial importance.

The Laborama Expo Food Route takes the visitor by the booths of specialised exhibitors where he or she can learn more about the newest measuring methods or analyses techniques, which in turn allows them to obtain the right results within food research.

The route takes the visitor by the booths of the following exhibitors:

  1. Shimadzu Benelux – L1 + N1
  2. Anton Paar Benelux – O1
  3. Thermo Scientific – M6
  4. Anaspec Solutions - F2
  5. bioMérieux – K8
  6. iVention – H1
  7. Gilson International – J4
  8. Chem-Lab Analytical – L5
  9. Testo – C6
  10. Waters – D8

How does the Food Route work?

Each visitors receives upon entry of Laborama Expo a sheet with 1 question per exhibitor. These answers can be found out by visiting the booths of the participating exhibitors.

At the end of the tour, exhibitors can exchange their filled out form at the Laborama secretariat (A1) for a powerbank.










GC-MS TQ8050 One of the highest sensitivity levels worldwide


Shimadzu has released the GCMS-TQ8050 Triple Quadrupole GC-MS. This ultra-high-sensitivity GC-MS/MS system offers one of the highest sensitivity levels in the world to detecting ultra-trace concentrations of components down to femtogram level, to analyze dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in foods and animal feed

In addition the GCMS-TQ8050 also features newly developed noise reduction

technologies (2.5 times higher signal-to-noise ratio than the previous model) in order to quantitate with higher accuracy and reliability than ever before.


Anton Paar Benelux

Rheometer 72/92 


What’s the flow behaviour of your sauces?
Do you have to use a lot of force to push your sauce out of the squeeze bottle?
Do your consumers have a positive mouth-feel when they experience your products?

A MCR 72 or MCR 92 rheometer gives you a quick answer to these or many other questions about your products. These state-of-the-art rheometers are streamlined for your daily lab routine, are easy to use and give immediate results.

During the Laborama “food route” you can see our MCR 72 in operation at our booth, O1.

Thermo Scientific

The Future starts here – Always what’s next


Come to stand M6 and discover the products Thermo Fisher Scientific has to offer for pesticide analysis. It doesn’t matter if a food safety application is targeted or non-targeted, or whether a lab is built for regulatory or research.  Regulations are calling for lower allowable levels of pesticide residues in food.  Everyone wants the very best pesticide analysis their money can buy.  So whether routine or cutting edge, every lab deserves our very best. LC-MS, IC-MS, GC-MS, the software, the applications, the columns, the consumables.


Anaspec Solutions

The Quant FT-NIR spectrometer, the all-round instrument for the food industry 


FT-NIR is widely known as the current best technology on the market, simply because the amount of data points acquired are significantly higher as in other NIR devices, so more information about your samples. Now you can use multiple accessories on the Quant platform and so it becomes a real all-rounder. Currently the largest scan surface on the market available with 375 cm2. We will show the spiral sampler on our booth. Think about the time savings if grinding and drying belongs to the past for your samples and the zero amount of maintenance every year. 


GENE-UP® - Molecular pathogen detection has never been simpler, faster or more flexible!


In today’s ever-evolving food marketplace, nothing is more important than product safety. To protect your customers, your company and your reputation, you need a fast and simple method of detecting pathogens. 


With GENE-UP, you’re not just getting an intuitive, real-time PCR solution for pathogen detection, you’re getting 50 years of microbiology leadership from a vigilant team that embraces the highest standards in microbiology safety. What’s more, our dedicated Customer Support and Scientific Affairs teams will work closely with you, ensuring that you can easily take full advantage of the GENE-UP system.


More than LIMS with LES


iVention provides laboratories in a wide range of industries with a modern Lab Execution System that combines LIMS, ELN and SDMS features in a single Informatics Platform.


The powerful iLES Platform is fully web based, highly flexible, affordable and can be easily deployed from the Cloud and used on any mobile device. With iLES laboratories gain access to real-time information, regulatory compliance and data integrity, as well as time and cost savings by automating processes and reducing manual data handling.


Since the successful introduction of the innovative iLES Platform in 2009 iVention has rapidly grown out to become the largest Consultancy organisation within the Benelux offering a broad expertise and large experience with ELN/LIMS implementations in laboratories within the Food, Pharma, Manufacturing, Chemical and many other industries. 


Gilson International

SPE by Gilson


Solid phase extraction consists of multiple steps that require precise volumes, pressure, timing and more. Automation delivers the accuracy, reproducibility, high recoveries and yields required by researchers in food, environmental and clinical labs. Applications versatility without compromising performance is at your fingertips with the trusted ASPEC solutions. Decades of experience in countless laboratories around the world have made Gilson the gold standard for reliability, easy to use, versatile and modular systems. Gilson can adept for your current and future needs to lower operating costs while improving results, morale and productivity.

Chem-Lab Analytical

Fat extraction from food


The extraction of fat from food includes multiple steps. The first step is the destruction of the food with the aid of acid and heating. Once everything is destroyed, the content of the recipient is being filtered and rinsed with hot water. The filter is placed in an extraction thimble and is dried.


Then the extraction thimble is placed in a soxhlet extraction tube. Under the influence of petroleum ether, the fat will be transferred to the flask.


After evaporation of the petroleum ether, only the fat remains in the flask.


Testo 270 - Quality control of cooking oil


The cooking oil tester testo 270 measures the Total Polar Material (TPM) content in the cooking oil, which is a sure indicator of its quality. This is the reason why the polar materials may not exceed a certain limit, depending on the country.

Cooking oil develops its best potential between 14 and 20 % TPM. If the oil is too old, it shows an increased TPM value, and deep-fried goods of inferior quality are produced. It can furthermore contain substances which present a risk to health.


Simple and straightforward sample preparation:

Dispersive SPE , commonly referred to as “QuEChERS”, is a simple and straightforward sample preparation technique suitable for multi-residue pesticide analysis in a wide variety of food and agricultural products.
The high quality DisQuE™ QuEChERS sample preparation and extraction products contain conveniently-packaged foil pouches and centrifuge tubes in 50 mL, 15 mL, and 2 mL formats which provide the most common buffers and sorbents for QuEChERS methods.
For added convenience, kits are available that include methods and consumables for rapid method development and routine analysis.
For more info visit: or


Exhibitors Laborama expo

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