Microptik BV

Stand: A12


Buys Ballotstraat 8 8
4507 DA Schoondijke


Phone: +31486416240
Fax: +31486414514
Website: www.microptik.eu


Custom built analytical technology | www.microptik.eu | Buys Ballotstraat 8-207, 4507 DA Schoondijke, Netherlands | T +31486416240 C+31653355677 F +31486414514
We develop complete out of the box analytical technologies (hard and software). From prototype to turnkey installations! We provide OEM systems for digital video microscopy, electron microscopy, spectroscopy (FTIR, UV, VIS, Raman, mass, fiber optics, probes), EDXRF, cooling and heating stages, sampling accessories, micro plate readers, machine vision and related components (cameras, lenses, illumination), robotics, positioning systems, particle size and material analysis, forensic, security, identification and sorting, bench top as well as fully automated high throughput analytical systems.

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