Courtage Analyses Services

Stand: A15

UDIAS Member

Section: Labo


Rue Des Mouettes 14
76130 Mont Saint Aignan


Phone: +33-2-35 07 60 00
Fax: +33-2-35 70 64 39


With TECHLAB partnership, we now developpe the business of our distributor LABAS who stopped activities in Laboratory area on Belgium and Luxemburg for Technical consumable products with equivalent or superior quality than original parts for
Calibration: mono and multi standard solutions for ICP, AAS, IC. (official dealer for TECHLAB, ANALYTIKA et CZECK METROLOGY INSTITUT). Organometallic Solutions TECHLAB. Organic standard, pesticides, HAP, PCB, PBDE, COV…(Dr Ehrentorsfer..) All CRM (Certified Reference materials, for metallurgy, petrochemical, mineral and organic chemistry, Food, environment, CRM for physical and chemicals properties ect... TECHLAB, NIST, IRMM, NCS, etc.
ICP-ICP/MS: Torchs, nebulizers, spray chambers, « manifold tubes, cones, (Official dealers GLASS EXPANSION)
PFA Products: Ultrapure acids distiller, PFA labware, reactor, micro-column, filters holder, Labware cleaning system with aggressive solvent in total security (Official dealer SAVILLEX)
Samples Protection and users: Protection enclosure EnviroClean© for ICP/AAS autosampler for traces and ultra-traces analysis- Custom made design.
Digestion: HotBlock for AAS, ICP, ICP-MS. Calibrated PP Tube for digestion and rapid filtration. Hight pressure reactor (ENVIRONMENTAL EXPRESS official dealer)
CHNOS, EA-IR-MS and Proteins (Dumas): Capsules, reagents, tubes (Producer with SANTIS)
Mercury: Hg analyzer AMA 254 without samples preparation for liquids and solids (ALTEC)
AAS : Hollow Cathode Lamps, Superlamp, graphite tubes, standards. (PHOTRON official dealer)
Fluo X: Consumables, press, fluxer, grinder, standard with TECHLAB (Consumables CHEMPLEX).
Precious Metals: laboratory platinum crucibles for fluxer, electrodes, wires.
Ion Chromatography: Filter tubes for DIONEX® and Methrom Peak® autosampler (ENVIRONMENTAL EXPRESS official dealer)
Filtration: Seringe filters and filter cassette design for metal traces analysis (ENVIRONMENTAL EXPRESS official dealer)
DBO: Disposable Bottles (ENVIRONMENTAL EXPRESS official dealer)
MES: Prewashed and preweighted Filters (ENVIRONMENTAL EXPRESS official dealer)
Laboratory construction: Modular Laboratory building, furniture and fume hoods standard and custom made
Laboratory glassware: distribution, custom made, repair by TECLAB
Magnetic stirrer and Homogenizer brand TECHLAB
Distillation: Electric flask heater brand TECHLAB