Cereal Tester sa

Stand: R8


Rue Plomcot 6/3
6220 Fleurus


Phone: +32-71-81 55 83
Fax: +32-71-81 68 22
Website: www.cerealtester.com


“Cereal Tester, is specialized in the sales, installation and maintenance of laboratory instruments and analysis kits for agro- and food industries. Specialist in Laboratory instruments for grain, feed and food analysis, as well as in ELISA kits, immuno-affinity columns (IACs) and striptests for mycotoxins, allergens and GMO’s. We are supplying moisture meters, NIR systems, grain, flour and milk quality instrumentation, bread volumeters, texture analyzers, IR scales, grinders, Kjeldahl systems, fat and fibre extractors, ovens, precision scales, and all other general equipment”