KNF Verder nv

Stand: C2

UDIAS Member

Section: Labo


Kontichsesteenweg 17
2630 Aartselaar


Phone: +32-3-871 96 24
Fax: +32-3-871 96 28


KNF-Verder was founded in 1991 out of the KNF Group , a constructor of diaphragmpumps and compressors, and the Verder Group, a distributor of industrial equipment and pumps in particular.

KNF develops and manufactures in two product centers diaphragm gaspumps (KNF Neuberger ,Germany) and diaphragm liquidpumps (KNF Flodos, Switserland) for the international market. In the US and in France they produce pumps and motors as well. The advantage of producing their own motors, is that every pump has its own , in specific adapted motor.

KNF Verder takes care of the Benelux-market and is a reference in industrial automation, laboratories and sampling-applications. The office is located in Aartselaar, Belgium

KNF Verder is specialized in KNF diaphragm vacuumpumps, compressors, liquidpumps and dosingpumps. Those pumps are available in a plug-in version for use in the laboratories and in a OEM-version to build in in machinery or in equipment.

The main caracteristics of the KNF diaphragm gaspums and liquidpumps are :

uncontaminated transfer, no pollution of the media
chemical resistant
compact design
100 % maintenance-free.
easy installation
self priming and dry operation for liquidpumps
smooth , silent running
Patented structured diaphragm ensures an maximum efficiency
Controller-operated vacuum pump systems

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