Bitos nv

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Veedijk 56
2300 Turnhout


Phone: +32-14-60 00 70
Fax: +32-14-62 00 42


As well for entrepreneurs who care for quality and look for administration-software as for quality-auditors Bitos acts as a reference. Our mission is the development and commercialization of software that computerizes the various processes involved in quality systems.
- Mithras (automatizing the quality system: document control, personnel, trainings, maintenance, complaints, corrective and preventive actions, audit reports, meetings, analysis...)
- Captos (measurement of temperatures and other physical variables)
- Agaat (Management of stock and traceability of products)
Furthermore Bitos is active in related services as consultancy-tasks, interim-quality-management, education...
Bitos has consultants who will gladly help to develop the quality system in your organization. Bitos guides your quality project from A to Z.

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