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Stand: L9


Avenue Lavoisier 20-22
1300 WAVRE


Phone: +32-67-89 41 00
Fax: +32-67-84 37 67


Since its creation in 1957, the Laboratoire Huckert's International has been working to propose high level disinfectants to protect professionals from both the risks of contamination and all side effects. Expert in bio-decontamination and high-level disinfection, laboratoire Huckert's produces and develops 2 ranges : UMONIUM38 for te disinfection of instruments, benches, equipment and PHYTOGEL By Huckert's for skin care. We make disinfectants conforming and validated according to European normative standards of application. Our products are stable, safe and effective under all circumstances even under interference conditions. We do not compromise on quality, so our produts are fast, active on a very wide spectrum of germs, neither toxic nor corrosive. We believe a disinfectant should not replace a biological risk by a chemical hazard. Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 - medical devices, the Laboratoire Huckert's, with its 60 years of experience in the disinfection of protected environments, accompanies you in your control of the infectious risk. Our professionalism and technical expertise convinced our partners : UCB Pharma, GSK, Baxter, Pfizer, Bayer, Roche, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Lonza...

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