At Brussels Kart Expo a vast parking lot is available for the use of exhibitors and visitors.
The parking lot is situated near hall 2, where Laborama Expo takes place.

This service is offered for free by Laborama, the organiser of Laborama Expo.



  • security stewards will be present in the parking lot, during the exhibition. They will indicate where you can park your car. We kindly request you to follow their instructions.
  • no parking in front of the access gates to the hall

Information for the exhibitors:
If you need to unload or load equipment and you park near an access gate, please remove your vehicle as soon as you have finished loading/unloading and park your vehicle in the main parking lot.

In order that the security people can contact you if necessary, we recommend you leave the number of your mobile phone behind the windscreen of your vehicle, in a visible place

For cab service you can call:
Taxi Bleu: +32-2-268 00 00
Taxi Vert:  +32-2-349 49 49
or any other company of your choice.

Exhibitors Laborama Expo

T.C.P.S. nvMerck GroupCereal Tester saDe Bruyne Instruments bvbaHanna Instruments bvbaChem-lab AnalyticalVeolia Water STICleanroom Management International - CMI

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