Laborama Expo 2018 will host 2 different routes: one that focusses on Water and one that targets Life Sciences. 

What are these Routes?

The 2 routes take the visitors along the booths of specialised exhibitors. The Water Route contains companies with products or services for water research or treatment. The Life Science Route focusses on companies who present their newest measuring methods and analyses techniques for everything pertaining to the life sciences.

How does it work?

Visitors receive upon entry of Laborama Expo a borchure with information about the Life Science Route. By scanning a QR code, they can access an online survey. The answers to these questions can be found on the booths of participating exhibitors. Participants can claim their reward at the end of the route at the Laborama booth (Z1) in hall 1.


Life Science Route

  1. Eppendorf Belgium
  2. Merck
  3. Thermo Fisher Scientific
  4. Denios
  5. Elscolab
  6. Led Techno
  7. Screening Devices
  8. RIC
  9. PerkinElmer
  10. Analytik Jena & Endress+Hauser
  11. BioSPX


Water Route

  1. RIC
  2. Sartorius Belgium
  3. BRS - Beun De Ronde Serlabo
  4. Gilson International
  5. HACH
  6. Merck
  7. Elscolab
  8. Led Techno
  9. Benelux Scientific
  10. Metrohm Belgium

Life Science Route

iTherm Trustsens – the first self-calibrating temperature sensor


Critical processes in the pharmaceutical and biosciences industries often require frequent calibration of temperature instrumentation to prove that it is still within specifications. This is done by taking the sensor out of the process.

The magnetic properties of the built-in ceramic reference system of the Trustsens temperature probe will change each time its Curie-temperature is reached. This will generate an electronic signal that will automatically calibrate the sensor on a fixed point without the need of taking it out of the process.

Endress+Hauser - Booth D3, hall 1


Mobile Accuracy with the new RQflex® 20 reflectometer:

Simplest possible handling combined with the precision of instrumental analysis

Reflectoquant® system - Discover our great features:

  • Faster and traceable decisions on the production process
  • Provides a pre-selection of samples to be submitted to the lab
  • Intuitive menu navigation and workflow-supporting pictograms
  • Error and warning messages with troubleshooting hints

The new quantitative test strip reader supports your process by monitoring chemical parameters on the spot.

Visit us and find out our new RQflex® 20

Merck - Booth Q1, hall 2



The VICTOR Nivo™ is a high-performance filter-based multimode plate reader system equipped with all major detection technologies – absorbance, luminescence, fluorescence intensity, time-resolved fluorescence and fluorescence polarization.

It is a compact, light-weight instrument designed for life science research laboratories performing routine low-throughout assays, or assay development work, and with diverse application requirements.

PerkinElmer - Booth D8, hall 1


RIC offers analytical services and turn-key solutions to academia, industry, governmental and private laboratories. RIC is besides a value added reseller for AGILENT also exclusive distributor for GERSTEL.

The MPS Robotic from GERSTEL is the latest system to automatize sample preparation and sample introduction for GC/MS and LC/MS, controlled with the fully integrated MAESTRO software.

RIC - Booth D4, hall 1


Stay ahead in biopharma

Come to stand T1 and discover what Thermo Fisher Scientific has to offer for Intact Protein Analysis Workflows. Learn about the analysis of biotherapeutic proteins like monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) in their intact form. UHPLC is ideal for identifying modifications like charge variants and higher order structures through aggregation. Speak to our specialists about our leading column chemistries for these and other intact analyses by liquid chromatography (LC). For rapid accurate mass determination, try our powerful Thermo Scientific Orbitrap-based mass spectrometers (MS) for analysis of denatured and native intact proteins.

Thermo Fisher Scientific - Booth T1, hall 2



Protect yourself, your product and your environment during your research

SafeFAST Premium is a Class II microbiological safety cabinet of the latest generation of laminar airflow systems. This safety cabinet is a big step forward in technology: energy-efficient DC motors, double lifetime HEPA filters and LED lighting. This results in the lowest energy consumption, the lowest noise level and the lowest CO2 emission.

The SafeFAST Premium is used for product, operator and environmental protection during pathogenic applications. Within the cabinet, 70% of the air volume is recirculated through the main Class H14 HEPA filter, while the remaining 30% is discharged through the exhaust Class H14 HEPA filter.

Elscolab - Booth J1, hall 2


Augemented Microscopy with BioTek


With the LionHeart FX BioTek and BioSPX introduce augmented microscopy in your workflow. Automated image capture, processing and analysis ensure fast, precise and reproducable results in various experiments. The LionHeart is very suitable for live-cell imaging with incubation up to 40 °C, O2 and CO2 control and a humidity chamber. Fluorescent imaging, brightfield, color brightfield and phase contrast are possible with 1.25x-100x magnifications, making this system very suitable for a wide range of applications. From cell counting to 3D analysis, the LionHeart FX is the system for your imaging needs.

BioSPX - Booth O4, hall 2


VisioNize® - The connected Lab System

The VisioNize system enables you to easily link your lab equipment to a central monitoring- and data-management software. Connect your lab equipment to VisioNize core and remotely monitor instruments from your office PC or with the mobile app VisioNize go. With VisioNize core you can effectively organize your lab workflows and thus increase lab efficiency.
The Eppendorf VisioNize system consists of two software applications, VisioNize-onboard devices already equipped with VisioNize functionalities, and the VisioNize box, an easy-to-use hardware integration interface to connect additional devices. VisioNize is a smart network that lets you manage your lab equipment efficiently whenever you want and wherever you are.

Eppendorf Belgium - Booth P1, hall 2


Automating the (Biological) sample dry down bottle-neck 

Various biological samples types contain proteins that complicate downstream analysis if not effectively removed. Biological samples contain proteins, which can disturb LC-systems, resulting in poor peak shapes. When de-proteination of samples is needed, the 96 well Proteine precipitation plate gives a simple way of working, including the removal of unwanted phospholipids.
But supernatant must be removed. A 96 well plate is an efficient way of doing this and lend themselves for automation. Solvents issue: Acetonitrile or methanol may not be the best solvents for Chromatography: the solution must be dried and re-suspended which become a automation bottle-neck. The Ultravap-Mistral and -Levante fully Robot automating the bottle-neck of solvent evaporation.

Screening Devices - Booth H9, hall 2


Nucleic acids are biological molecules essential for life. They allow organisms to transfer genetic information from one generation to the next.  DNA does exist as a double helix structure.

DNA melting is the process by which double helix unwinds and separates into single-stranded strands.

De temperature at which the half of the DNA exists as single strands is called the melting point (Tm).

This temperature can be used to classify bacteria, detect sequence differences,
detection of gene mutations …


One of the most commonly used and simplest techniques for the DNA melting point determination is spectroscopic determination by UV absorption.


The SPECORD® from Analytik Jena – Sets the Highest Standards

Whether routine analysis or special application in chemistry, pharmacy, medicine, food control, environment, life science or others – with SPECORD® PLUS you are well equipped to fulfill all requirements.

Analytik Jena - Booth D1, hall 1


Water Route

DigiPREP digestion block for atmospheric acid digestion of water samples.

The DigiPREP digestion block from SCP Science is widely used in a large number of laboratories for the atmospheric acid digestion of water and soil samples, prior to ICP(-MS) and AAS analysis.

The major benefits of this device are convenience, its use of calibrated plastic disposable tubes (DigiTUBEs) and the robustness of the Teflon-coated graphite digestion block.

Don’t hesitate to contact Benelux Scientific for more information about the DigiPREP digestion blocks and for more information about acid digestion of all kinds of samples in general.

Benelux Scientific - Booth G8, hall 2


SEAL AQ400 Discrete Analyzer

Brings increased speed, capacity, flexibility and automation to your water analysis such as Nitrite, Nitrate, Phosphate, Ammonia and many others.

The AQ400 uses a robotic sampling system to automate the sample preparation, in combination with the constant heating and programmable reaction time the AQ400 ensures complete reactions. An aliquot is transferred to a stop flow glass cuvette for precise absorbance measurement. The QCPro software controls the workflow and allows automated corrective actions and pre/post dilution upon QC failure.

Finally the connection with LIMS can be implemented to deliver customized reports.

BRS - Booth O1, hall 2


Robust data loggers with 3G modem or Sigfox

The IJILOG series loggers of IJINUS is transforming regular sensors into a smart solution. An IJILOG can process, log and sent lots of different types of signals to the cloud. In the cloud, data can be visualized in the online IJITRACK platform.

The IJILOG is a solution to integrate sensors on ModBus (pH, flow, conductivity, turbidity, H2S, etc.), on 4-20 mA (pressure, level, etc.) and on pulses (drinkwater counters, rain gauges, etc.).

This solution can operate autonomous due to the high capacity battery pack, which powers both sensor and IJILOG.

Elscolab - Booth J1, hall 2


Gilson GX-27X ASPEC Large Volume Clean Water system

Gilson automation of SPE for large volume clean water samples eliminates the concerns of sample reproducibility and carryover with consistent concentration and extraction via TRILUTION® LH System Software. Laboratories performing both research and routine testing on drinking water, rainwater, ground water and surface water can run residue and food safety methods for large and small volumes on 1mL, 3mL, or 6mL cartridges using the same bench top system for added efficiency.

Gilson International - Booth P5, hall 2



Metrohm ion chromatography is an excellent multiparameter analysis for drinking water, surface water, waste water, etc.

The large range of concentrations and ions which can be analyzed in 1 single run in combination with the extensive automation and inline sample preparation techniques makes ion chromatography from Metrohm a very suitable technique for all laboratories analyzing ions in aqueous matrices.

Metrohm Belgium - Booth G1, hall 2


RIC offers analytical services and turn-key solutions to academia, industry, governmental and private laboratories. RIC is besides a value added reseller for AGILENT also exclusive distributor for GERSTEL.

The MPS Robotic from GERSTEL is the latest system to automatize sample preparation and sample introduction for GC/MS and LC/MS, controlled with the fully integrated MAESTRO software.

RIC - Booth D4, hall 1


Are your laboratory and process instruments alligned?

With Mobile Sensor Management (MSM) you simplify the calibration of your process instruments. The DR3900 VIS spectrophotometer on your lab sends the results directly and you can calibrate (for example) your Ion selective sensor for NH4 in the field. You verify your measurements and allign them with the laboratory reference values. MSM provides insight into your instruments, you manage your process and you are proactive in the field of maintenance.

HACH - Booth X5, hall 2

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